The process of using Sanghamitra.in is simple:
  • You can call us and we will suggest you the domestic workers for your need

  • Shortlist Helpers you like to get update on their availability status within 24 hrs.

  • Pay a nominal amount to a Subscribe to our services and get mobile numbers of available candidates

  • Call Helpers to interview, call for trial & hire

We will surely help you by posting your job to our database of candidates. That helps us to get matched candidates under your list.

Once you login to sanghamitra system.Just go to the page requestfordw that is request for domestic worker. we will create your Job Posting, for FREE.

Yes. You should subscribe. You can subscribe for monthly or yearly for getting the domestic help from Sanghamitra system

While we cannot guarantee that, new candidates do keep registering on the website. And, if you post a job we send out an advertisement to our database to get people to apply for your job. This also helps you get more candidates in your Shortlist.

We recommend you buy a subscription only when you are satisfied with the number of profiles that have got matched with your posting.

Job Seekers sometimes don’t mention their expectation, and say the salary is negotiable, depending upon the work. Most jobs in this segment are dependent upon individual family needs, standards & expectations from both sides. So, offer the salary as per the market rate for the work you need to get done.

Tip: It always helps retain a good employer if you pay a little more than the minimum wages in your area. This is especially true if you want experienced and/or trained people.

Negotiate the salary with Job Seeker as per the market rate. The final decision of the salary lies with the you and the Job Seeker.

Tip: The salary in this segment is usually based on the amount of time the Helper will spend doing your work. And, offer a little more if the Helper is experienced and/or trained or is going to do something extra like coming too early or too late for work.

We can surely help you with interviewing your shortlisted candidates and making a recommendation if you subscribe to our Interviewing Assisstant Package

Once you request for domestic help.We will give you the domestic worker number.

If you have more questions, please contact us on sanghamitra@aideexpert.com

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